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  • Spruce Grove Cashspiel
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    Event Information
    Purse Breakdown: 1st: $2100 2nd: $1200 3/4: $900 5-8: $600 Consol: $500
    Payment Information
    Entry fee is $550 payable to the SPRUCE GROVE CURLING CLUB, and can be post-dated for November 1st. Please mail to: Spruce Grove Curling Club Box 3944 Spruce Grove, AB T7X 3B2

    Location: Spruce Grove Curling Club
    PO Box 3944
    Spruce Grove, Alberta, Canada
    Contact: Greg Keith
    E: gk003@shaw.ca
    P: 780-299-6550
    Purse: $8,000 CDN Teams: 16
    Entry Fee: $550 CDN Qualifiers: 8
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