Westjet Players' Championship
 Toronto, Ontario


Apr 11 - 16, 2017 


$100,000 CDN


12 (6 qualifiers)


Round Robin - Pools 

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2017 Niklas Edin Karlstad, SWE
2016 Brad Gushue St. John's, NL
2015 Brad Jacobs Sault Ste Marie, NONT
2014 Kevin Martin Edmonton, AB
2013 Glenn Howard Coldwater, ON
2012 John Epping Toronto, ON
2011 Kevin Martin Edmonton, AB
2010 Kevin Martin Edmonton, AB
2009 Randy Ferbey Edmonton, AB
2008 Glenn Howard Coldwater, ON
2007 Kevin Martin Edmonton, AB
2006 Randy Ferbey Edmonton, AB
2005 Kevin Martin Edmonton, AB
2004 John Morris Calgary, AB
2003 Jeff Stoughton Winnipeg, MB
2002 Wayne Middaugh Midland, ON
2001 Wayne Middaugh Victoria Harbour, ON
2000 Kevin Martin Edmonton, AB
1999 Wayne Middaugh Victoria Harbour, ON
1998 Kevin Martin Edmonton, AB
1997 Russ Howard Penatanguishene, ON
1995 Wayne Middaugh Toronto, ON
1995 Murray McEachern Kronau, SK
1994 Kevin Martin Edmonton, AB
1993 Russ Howard Penetanguishene, ON
  2017 Westjet Players' Championship  
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Team Edin
 Karlstad, Sweden
Player Photo SKIP
Niklas Edin
Age: 32
Birthplace: Ornskoldsvik, SWE
Resides: Karlstad, SWE
Started Curling: 1999
Throws: Right
Player Photo Third
Oskar Eriksson
Age: 26
Birthplace: Karlstad, SWE
Resides: Karlstad, SWE
Started Curling: 1998
Throws: Left
Player Photo Second
Rasmus Wrana
Age: 22
Birthplace: Stockholm, SWE
Resides: Karlstad, SWE
Throws: Right
Player Photo Lead
Christoffer Sundgren
Age: 27
Birthplace: Sveg, SWE
Resides: Karlstad, SWE
Started Curling: 2001
Throws: Right
Event Schedule
 Draw Team Game
  3 vs. Smith (SCO) - OOM:16 W 8-2
  5 vs. Jacobs (NONT) - OOM:6 L 5-7
  8 vs. De Cruz (SUI) - OOM:15 L 3-8
  10 vs. Laycock (SK) - OOM:8 W 6-5
  12 vs. Epping (ON) - OOM:7 W 6-5
  QF vs. De Cruz (SUI) - OOM:15 W 4-3
  SF vs. Smith (SCO) - OOM:16 W 6-2
  CF vs. McEwen (MB) - OOM:4 W 5-3
Games: 8  
Record: 6W - 2L  
Extra Ends: 0W - 0L  
One-Point Games: 2W - 0L  
PF/G: 7.29  
PA/G: 5.93  
Hammer Efficiency: 0.40  
Steal Defense: 0.24  
Force Efficiency: 0.58  
Steal Efficiency: 0.24  
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