Theresa Hoffoss
Age: 39
Birthplace: St. Paul, Minnesota
Resides: St. Paul, Minnesota
Throws: Right
Profession: Women's Health Nurse Practioner, Comprehensive Health Care for women
High School: Woodbury
College/University: Gustavis Adolphus College / Vanderbilt
In Own Words:
Curling is a family sport first and foremost. This is my 10th year playing in league with my dad, brother and sister! Nothing like getting piped on for the finals of many a club spiel with Dad and my pals. The club's running joke is that "Falty will only yell at his kids on the ice; he's nice to everyone else!" Dad is forever reminding me to practice my "focus" during league play.

Competitive curling really grounds me in the present moment; it serves as a microcosm of the life lesson I struggle with the most. When my mind is at rest, my "game is on" so to speak both on, and even more importantly, off the ice. The sport is a wonderful meld of communication, work ethic, strategy, competitive adrenaline, altheleticism and focus. It takes a squad of dedicated individuals that come together and form a cohesive unit built upon each other's strengths to make a whole greater than each member alone. It's an opportunity to meet amazing people across the globe forming a lifetime of memories.

Curling Highlights:
2000 women's 3rd place
2006 women's bronze
2012 women's club national silver

Junior Highlights:
1996 national champs; junior world representative; red deer, Alberta

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