Wes Johnson
Age: 56
Birthplace: Red Deer, Alberta
Resides: Snohomish, Washington
Throws: Right
Profession: Designer Craftsmen / Art Decorator
In Own Words:
I want to play with the best curlers in the world, and I want to win a gold medal for my country: the United States of America. It's our turn.

I started playing around on curling ice in wool socks at the age of 8 and bought shoes, played a real game and joined a league at 12. I wanted to curl because my older brother, Mark, did and he was getting good at it, and I thought I might, too. He has always been my mentor. He's one of the top four skips in Edmonton.

For the entire first season of curling I swept backwards, not realizing it until the following year when somebody finally noticed. Not realizing I was doing it wrong I made the extremely awkward switch (I am no longer 'bi-sweptual'. I've been a lousy sweeper ever since. That's why I like to skip. Also because I don't like to put my life in other people's hands.

The thing I enjoy most about the sport is the people I get to meet. I also enjoy the intelligence of the game: the nearly perfect physics; the strategy. It's great to be able to play a gentleman's game that encourages screaming at the top of your lungs. And I love the fact that curling is like great sex: It's all in the touch.

Curling Highlights:
* U.S. Olympic Team Trials: 2005 (10th)
* U.S. National Championships: 2005 (10th), 2004, 2003 (runner-up), 2001
* Men's Second Chance: 2004 (C1 qualifier), 2003 (C2 qualifier)
* Ranked No. 37 on the World Curling Tour (2002-03 season)
* Canadian Junior Championships: 1978
* Swiss Invitational Tour: 1981

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