Bingyu Wang wins Womens Masters Basel

Bingyu Wang (Harbin, China) wins the Womens Masters Basel, defeating Binia Feltscher (Flims, Switzerlan) 9-3. Wang with Yan Zhou at third, Jinli Liu and Jingyi Ma on the front end take home the $12,812CDN first place cheque along with 45.881 world ranking points, while Feltscher receives $8,968CDN and 36.049 world ranking points for their second place finish.

Starting with hammer, Wang scored 1 in the first end. After a blank end, Feltscher scored 2 in the third end, then Wang responded in the fourth end scoring 4 to break open the game and lead to 5-2. Feltscher and Wang traded singles in the 5th and 6th ends with Wang stealing 3 in the 7th end for handshakes and a 9-3 win.

In the semifinals, Wang defeated Satsuki Fujisawa (Kitami, Japan) 5-4 while Feltscher defeated Hannah Fleming (Lockerbie, Scotland) 8-1. Fleming and Fujisawa earned $4,484CDN and 27.856 ranking points for their semifinal finishes. In the quarterfinals, Wang defeated Anette Norberg (Stocksund, Sweden) 7-2, Feltscher defeated Chiaki Matsumura (Karuizawa, Japan) 6-3, while Fujisawa defeated EunJung Kim (Uiseong, Korea) 5-4 and Fleming defeated Eve Muirhead (Perth, Scotland) 5-4. Muirhead, Norberg, Matsumura and Kim earned $1,922CDN along with 19.663 ranking points for their quarterfinal finishes.

Wang went 3-0 in the 24 team triple knockout qualifying round. In their opening game, Wang defeated Raphaela Keiser (Zug, Switzerland) 5-3, won against Dorottya Palancsa (Budapest, Hungary) 7-1, and Madeleine Dupont (Hvidovre, Denmark) 8-2 in the A Qualifier to reach the playoff round.