KW Fall Classic

Hall wins KW Fall Classic

Matthew Hall with Jeff Wanless at third, Joseph Hart and David Hart on the front end wins the KW Fall Classic


  • Scoreboard

    Draw: CF -- Sun, Sep 24 -- 3:30pm ET
    Retchless Final
    Hall (8)
    Eastern Time (ET)
  • K-W Granite Club

    99 Seagram Drive,
    Waterloo, Ontario, Canada
  • Strength of Field: 3.2146

    Champion: 24.110pts
    2nd Place: 17.680pts
    Semifinals: 13.662pts
    Quarterfinals: 9.644pts
  • Event Description

    The KW Fall Classic is a yearly event held at the KW Granite Club in Waterloo, ON. This year we will be hosting the event from September 22nd to 25th. Register now to confirm your spot in the event. Top 3 finishing teams are guaranteed an entry in the 2017 Fall Classic.

    Purse Breakdown 1st: $2500 2nd: $1800 3/4: $1250 5-8: $775
  • Host Hotel

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