Ingersoll Clash

Krell wins Ingersoll Clash

Richard Krell with Aaron Squires at third, David Easter and Jordan Moreau on the front end wins the Ingersoll Clash


  • Scoreboard

    Draw: CF -- Sun, Oct 2 -- 5:00pm ET
    Armstrong Final
    Krell (6)
    Default (ET)
  • Strength of Field: 0.50

    Champion: 3.750pts
    2nd Place: 2.750pts
    Semifinals: 2.125pts
    Quarterfinals: 1.500pts
  • Event Description

    Returning Teams (3 players from the team): have until June 15th to submit their entry form and postdated cheque (dated July 15th) to hold their spot. New Entries: please forward a postdated cheque (dated July 15th) to hold a postion for the event
  • Host Hotel

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