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Event Information
Purse Breakdown: 1st: $12,000 2nd: $8,000 3/4: $5,000 5-8: $3,500 An additional $3,000 will be paid out to the winners of the last round-robin games. The entry deadline is June 15, 2010 and all entries will be acknowledged by July 1st Entry fees are non-refundable after that date if the committee cannot fill your spot. (your cheque may be post-dated to July 1st if you wish) Only those entries accompanied by a full entry fee and received by the deadline will be considered.
Payment Information

Location: Caledonian Curling Club
2225 Sandra Schmirler Way
Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada
Contact: Kim Schneider
Purse: $47,000 CDN Teams: 30
Entry Fee: $1,000 CDN Qualifiers: 8
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