Whites Drug Store Classic

Carruthers wins Whites Drug Store Classic

Reid Carruthers with Andrew Irving at third, Dennis Bohn and Larry Solomon on the front end wins the Whites Drug Store Classic


  • Scoreboard

    Draw: SF -- Mon, Nov 14 -- 1:00pm CT
    Flasch Final
    Fowler (5)
    Carruthers Final
    McKee (8)
    Central Time (CT)
  • Swan River Curling Club

    205 9th Avenue North,
    Swan River, Manitoba, Canada
  • Strength of Field: 2.63

    Champion: 19.725pts
    2nd Place: 14.465pts
    Semifinals: 11.178pts
    Quarterfinals: 7.890pts
  • Event Description

    Purse Breakdown: 1st: $10,000 2nd: $7,500 3/4: $5,500 5-8: $3,500. $1,500 Skins Game between A-side Finalists. We now have Air Service to Swan River from Winnipeg (Perimeter Air) -- Wpg to SR (6:45am) Ar SR(7:45am) -- SR to Wpg (6:45pm) Ar Wpg (7:45pm) These flights are only Mon, Wed, & Fri. so would work perfectly for our event, their Phone Number is 800-665-8986
  • Host Hotel

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