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    Event Information
    Accommodations - please call the Comfort Inn & Suites, Ingersoll - $89.99 per room (4 person occupancy) - quote Ingersoll CLASH to get the rate. 519-425-1100 We also will provide taxis if necessary - only 5 minute walk to club.
    Payment Information
    Please Make Cheque Payable to the INGERSOLL CLASH SPIEL for $525, post-dated to July 15th and mail to: Bob Armstrong 6 Feltz Dr, Ingersoll, ON N5C 4E9

    Location: Ingersoll, Ontario Contact: Bob Armstrong
    E: armie1616@rogers.com
    Purse: $10,500 CDN Teams: 20
    Entry Fee: $525 CDN Qualifiers: 8
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