Curling Masters Champery

Grattan wins Curling Masters Champery

James Grattan with Jason Roach at third, Darren Roach and Josh Barry on the front end wins the Curling Masters Champery


  • Scoreboard

    Draw: CF -- Sun, Oct 27 -- 2:00pm CET
    Pfister Final
    Grattan (7)
    Central European Time (CET)
  • Strength of Field: 2.55

    Champion: 19.125pts
    2nd Place: 14.025pts
    Semifinals: 10.838pts
    Quarterfinals: 7.650pts

    Draw CF Sun, Oct 27 -- 2:00pm CET
    Pfister, M vs.
    Grattan, J
    Youtube: Watch Replay
    Draw SF Sun, Oct 27 -- 11:00am CET
    Grattan, J vs.
    Hardie, G
    Youtube: Watch Replay
    Draw QF Sun, Oct 27 -- 8:00am CET
    Smith, K vs.
    Pfister, M
    Youtube: Watch Replay
    Draw 10 Sat, Oct 26 -- 5:30pm CET
    Sik, D vs.
    Freiberger, M
    LAOLAWatch Replay
    Draw 9 Sat, Oct 26 -- 3:00pm CET
    Smith, K vs.
    van Dorp, J
    LAOLAWatch Replay
    Draw 8 Sat, Oct 26 -- 11:30am CET
    Attinger, A vs.
    Hasselborg, M
    LAOLAWatch Replay
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