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    Event Information
    Purse Breakdown: 1st - $3000 2nd - $2000 3rd,4th - $1350 5th-8th - $900 9th-10th - $600 1. 20 teams max for women's event 2. Entry Fee's are due by Oct 15, 2014 3. Credit card payments can be made with club manager after Oct 1st, 2014 (780)962-3222 ask for Kim. 4. Teams from last year must register by Sept 1st 2014 to guarantee there spot, after Sept 1st it becomes first come first paid. 5. No refunds will be given after Oct 15, 2014 unless your spot is filled and paid for. 6. Curling will start Friday morning so please register if that works for your team. Preferred draw times will not be given. (You may not play until 3pm but plan for 9am because there will be a draw that early). 7. Please account for bad weather when factoring in your decision to play at the event.
    Payment Information
    Entry fee is $700 payable to the SPRUCE GROVE CURLING CLUB, and can be post-dated for October 15th. Please mail to: Spruce Grove Curling Club Box 3944 Spruce Grove, AB T7X 3B2

    Location: Spruce Grove Curling Club
    PO Box 3944
    Spruce Grove, Alberta, Canada
    Contact: Greg Keith
    E: gk003@shaw.ca
    P: 780-299-6550
    Purse: $12,500 CDN Teams: 20
    Entry Fee: $700 CDN Qualifiers: 10
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