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  • Boundary Ford Curling Classic
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    Event Information
    10 end games
    Payment Information
    Please make cheque for $800 payable to WOMEN'S CURLING CLASSIC, post-dated for October 31. Mail payment along with your team entry form or after online entry is completed to: Attn: Heather Kuntz Box 201 Kitscoty,AB T0B 2PO

    Location: Lloydminster Curling Club
    Box 1058
    Lloydminster, Alberta, Canada
    Contact: Heather Kuntz
    E: cunninghamh@hotmail.com
    P: 780-846-2880 or 872-2711
    Purse: $23,200 CDN Teams: 23
    Entry Fee: $800 CDN Qualifiers: 8
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