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CTRS & OOM Points Structure - Summary for the 2015-16 Season
(download the full document with examples here)

The CTRS/OOM points model for the 2015-16 season will determine the points awarded for all events using a combination of size and strength of field, size of purse, and relative importance of large events. Teams are still allowed to count their best 8 events each season.

In this model, there are two categories of events:

1) Tour Cashspiels: this category represents the bulk of the events played on tour, including all events that qualify as CTRS sanctioned events. It will also include the Grand Slam Of Curling events outside of the four Grand Slams that meet the format requirements for CTRS inclusion.

2) Playdown/Special events: this category represents the following events: Provincials/Territorials, Nationals, Worlds, Europeans, Canada Cup, Olympic Trials, Olympics, the four Grand Slams, and events similar to those described as per the eligibility requirements.

General rules that apply to all events:
Similar to the old system, this model utilizes a SFM (Strength Of Field Multiplier) number multiplied by a base-point value to determine the number of points available. In this model there is no Top 10 influence on the base-point values, so in all events the structure is:

PlacingBase Point Value
3rd - 4th4.25

All events will utilize a SFM value (including all Playdown/Special events). This SFM value reflects the quality of the teams participating in the event. The SFM value will be calculated using the Order of Merit (OOM) ranking on the Tuesday prior to the event, and will reflect a cumulative total using the following system:

Order Of Merit RankingSFM Contribution

The cumulative SFM number, as calculated above, will then be scaled to a 24-team format. This scaled SFM value is now normalized so it does not reflect the number of teams at an event.

Example: A 32 team event with a cumulative SFM of 5.6:

5.6 * (24/32) = 4.2

The cumulative SFM number does not have a limit. After scaling the SFM to the 24-team format there is a max value on the scaled SFM of 5.0 for the Tour Cashspiel category of events.

After the scaled SFM has been calculated, it will then be adjusted to reflect the number of teams playing in an event.

For Tour Cashspiel events, the minimum number of teams for CTRS inclusion is 12 and 10 (for menís & womenís respectively) and this corresponds to a minimum factor of 0.875 and 0.813 respectively. The adjusting factor maxes out in an event with 32 teams, at a maximum value of 1.5. For events in between this range, the following formula will determine the factor where n represents the number of teams playing:

1 + (n – 16) * 0.03125

The Playdown/Special events category will calculate this team factor slightly differently for both Playdown and Special Events. For all Playdown events: Pre-provincial qualification, Provincials/Territorial, Nationals and Worlds, there is no minimum number of teams to qualify for CTRS/OOM inclusion. Events with 10 or more teams will use the factor described above (1+(n--16)*0.03125). Events with less than 10 teams will use a more discounted formula:


Lastly, for all Tour Cashspiel events there will be a second factor that reflects the size of cash purse available to the players. The minimum purse requirement for CTRS inclusion is $300/team playing (i.e. a 24-team event must have at least $7,200 total purse). This purse factor will range in between 0.96 to 1.25 where the minimum ($300/team) represents the 0.96 factor, and the maximum ($2000+/team) represents the 1.25 factor. For purses in between this range, the following formula will determine the factor where p represents the purse value divided by the number of teams:

1 + (p – 500) * 0.00017

After the SFM has been calculated and scaled to the 24-team format it will then be multiplied by the 2 factors (number of teams and purse size) to get a final value. This final SFM value is then used in combination with the base-point structure (as shown above) to determine the number of points available. The following is an example:

A sanctioned Tour Cashspiel has 32 teams competing for a purse of $50,000. In the field of 32 teams, there are:

  • 5 top 20 teams ranked in the positions # 1, 4, 7, 13, and 17.
  • 2 teams ranked #21--30.
  • 4 teams ranked #31--50.
  • 1 team ranked # 51--100.
  • 6 teams ranked #101--200.
  • 14 teams ranked #201+.

The cumulative SFM value using the above table is: 4.63. This value is then scaled to the 24-team format:

4.63 * (24/32) = 3.47

The first factor (number of teams) is at a maximum for a 32-team event: 1.5

The second factor (purse size) is calculated using the equation below. The value of p is ($50000/32 = 1562.5):

1 + (1562.5 – 500) * 0.00017 = 1.18

The final SFM value is then calculated by multiplying both factors to the scaled SFM value:

3.47 * 1.50 * 1.18 = 6.15

The last step is using this final SFM value in combination with the base-point structure to determine the points available:

PlaceFinal SFMBase PointsTotal
3rd - 4th6.1504.2526.140
5th - 8th6.1503.0018.450
* this event yields a total of 202.96 points

Points per win will be available for all events in the Playdown/Special events category and for events in the Tour Cashspiel category for non-playoff teams only. These points per win will be rewarded as per:

  • 0.35*SFM points-per-win: The four Slams, Olympic Trials, Olympics and Federation Sanctioned events with more than 50% Top 20 teams (Canada Cup, Europeans, etc.).
  • 0.25*SFM points-per-win: National/World Championships, non-Slam GSOC events and Federation Sanctioned events with fewer than 50% Top 20 teams.
  • Events in the Tour Cashspiel category, and all events that do not fit into one of the 2 above categories, will also award points--per--win. After the final SFM value has been calculated, they will receive 0.15*SFM value worth for points-per-win. For example: the Tour Cashspiel events have a maximum scaled SFM value of 5, therefore if both the purse factor and teams factor are maximized (1.25 and 1.5 respectively) the final SFM is 9.375. Teams playing this event would therefore receive 9.375*0.15 = 1.4 points per win for non-playoff teams only.

Playdown/Special rules and calculations
To reflect the relative importance of events in this category, they will be awarded a bonus multiple to determine the points available for CTRS/OOM. This factor will be applied at the very end, and represents a percentage increase based on the importance and will be done according to the following:

Event TypePercentage Increase
Provincial / Territorialn/a
Canada Cup*35%
Olympic Trials25%
Grand Slams10%

All of the events in this category are still predominately SFM-based events. This additional factor was implemented based on historical significance to adjust the points available to match the importance of winning/placing in such events.