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Born: Sep 17, 1979
in Montreal, Quebec
Resides: Montreal, Quebec
Throws: Right
Profession: Nurse, Neurology Clinical Trial Asst-Coordinator, Hopital Maisonneuve-Rosemont, rechercheclinique de neurologie
High School: Louise-Trichet
College/University: College de Maisonneuve
In Own Words:
I've always been a sportive girl. I tried lots of sports, competed in most of them. But none ever brought me as much as curling has. I am a shy person and curling helped me get out of my shell and become who I am now. It gave me the opportunity to make friends and meet lots of very interesting people. I learned a lot from them, I still am. I have a chance to practice a great sport and to take it to the next level. But I also have the chance to give back to that sport every once in a while. [cr][lf][cr][lf]Curling has become something very important in my life. It's in fact on top of my priority list. Curling is a passion, a challenge too. It's teaching me how to be a better person, a better athlete. My curling career hasn't been a walk in the park. When I first started curling, I was more interested in the social part of it but I quickly realized I wanted more. But I knew I had a lot of work in front of me. I was struggling a lot for all my junior years. It took at least 5 years for me to be good enough to find a competitive team. But I never gave up. I worked hard, often by myself to get better. This is the message I want to get out there. Never let anyone tell you you can't do something. Believe in yourself and you'll be impressed what you can accomplish. Curling thought me that!
Curling Highlights:
- Runner-up at Mixed nationals in 2007 in KW[cr][lf]- 4th at the 2006 Scotties in London[cr][lf]- Semi-finalist at the 2008 Players Championship in St.John's[cr][lf]- Finalists at the 2008 and 2009 Quebec Women's Curling Provincial Championship [cr][lf]- 11th position on the CTRS, 2007-2008 season [cr][lf]- 2007-2008 Ontario Curling Tour Champion (OCT)[cr][lf]- Quebec Women's Provincial Tour winner in 2005 and 2006
Junior Highlights:
...finally succeeding at sliding without falling on my butt.... after 2 and a half years!!