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Born: Apr 14, 1987
in Limoilou, Quebec
Resides: Levis, Quebec
Throws: Right
Profession: Massage therapist and owner of Passion Curling, Clinique Chiropratique St-Jean and own business
High School: Juvenat Notre-Dame
College/University: College Francois-Xavier Garneau and MKO
In Own Words:
Curling means a lot to me. I started when I was 10 years old and my dad brought me to the game. I had the chance to develop very fast and had good support around me. Curling has taught me a lot of good stuff and I am still learning everyday. It's an excellent sport to work on yourself and with others.[cr][lf][cr][lf]Curling is a good way to develop your self-esteem, your determination, your willing to learn and the cohesion with your teammates. I am also a very organized person and it really helped me in every part of my life. [cr][lf][cr][lf]Curling also gives me the chance to focus on health, fitness, nutrition and having a balance life. These are important aspects that will give me the opportunity to stay healthy physically and mentally. [cr][lf][cr][lf]Finally, curling is a great sport to travel, meet new friends and to find who you really are. [cr][lf]Special thanks to my dad who made me discover this fantastic sport.
Curling Highlights:
11th place at the Scotties Tournament of Hearts in 2015, Moose Jaw, Sk[cr][lf]Gold at Provincials in 2015, Victoriaville, Qc[cr][lf]Silver at Provincials in 2014, Val d'Or, Qc[cr][lf]4th place at the Scotties Tournament of Hearts in 2012, Red Deer, Ab[cr][lf]Gold at Provincials in 2013, Kenogami, Qc[cr][lf][cr][lf]2 participations au Championnat Canadien Mixte àNorth Bay, Ontario en 2014 et Morris, Manitoba en 2011
Junior Highlights:
Bronze at the Junior Nationals in 2005, Fredericton, NB[cr][lf]Silver at the Junior Nationals in 2004, Victoria, BC[cr][lf]Gold at Canada Games in 2003, Bathurst, NB[cr][lf]Silver at the Quebec Provincial Games in 2001 and 1999