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Born: Jul 4, 1954
in Kapuskasing, Ontario
Resides: Green Bay, Wisconsin
Throws: Right
Profession: Television Production
College/University: UW-Madison, BS in Communication Arts
In Own Words:
Although I have lived almost my entire life in the United States, I indirectly owe my curling career to my Canadian heritage. I was born in Kapuskasing, Ontario, in 1954 (ironically on July 4, Independence Day in the U.S.) and still retain dual citizenship. My father had been transferred to Canada by his employer, the Kimberly-Clark Corporation. [cr][lf][cr][lf]At that time the company operated a pulp mill in "Kap," and my father was introduced to the sport while working there. When K-C transferred him back to the home office in Neenah, Wis., he took advantage of the curling club in nearby Appleton to continue playing the game. [cr][lf][cr][lf]Naturally, I grew up watching my parents curl. I began active participation in the sport while in high school by playing in league competition with my father. However, my father injured his knee while throwing a stone at the beginning of my sophomore season and subsequently quit the game. It was not until 10 years later, in 1979, that he could be coaxed back out on the ice. I was looking forward to curling with him once again, but tragically he died just two weeks after resuming play. Although he had introduced me to the sport, my father never got the opportunity to see me become an elite player.[cr][lf][cr][lf]Maskel has authored a humor column titled "Rocket Exhaust" for the U.S. Curling News since 1994 and currently serves on the Athletes Advisory Council for the United States Curling Association.
Curling Highlights:
* U.S. Olympic Team Trials: 2002 (4th), 1997 (5th), 1987 (2nd)[cr][lf]* U.S. National Championships: 2008 (9th), 2007 (6th), 2006 (7th), 2003, 2002 (champion), 2001 (9th), 2000 (3rd), 1997 (runner-up), 1996 (3rd), 1995 (runner-up), 1994 (3rd), 1992 (runner-up), 1991 (5th), 1990 (runner-up), 1989 (3rd), 1988 (3rd), 1987 (runner-up), 1986 (champion)[cr][lf]* U.S. Mixed National Championship: 2008 (bronze), 2005 (semifinalist), 2003, 2001 (5th), 1997 (7th), 1994, ‘91 (3rd both years)[cr][lf]* World Curling Championships: 2002 (4th), 1986 (bronze)[cr][lf]* U.S. Club National Championships: 2008 (champion), 2006 (runner-up)[cr][lf]* U.S. Senior National Championships: 2008, 2007[cr][lf]* St. Paul Cashspiel: 2005, 2003 (champion both years)[cr][lf]* Karuizawa International Bonspiel: 2003 (champion)[cr][lf]* Continental Cup: 2002 (champion)[cr][lf]* National Competitive Curling Tour: 1993 (1st)[cr][lf]* World Challenge Round Championship – Engelberg, Switzerland: 1989 (1st)[cr][lf]* U.S. Challenge Championship: 1989 (1st)
Junior Highlights:
* U.S. Junior Nationals: 1974 (3rd) [cr][lf]