Perret/Rios win WCT Tallinn Mixed Doubles International

Jenny Perret/Martin Rios (Glarus, Switzerland) wins the WCT Tallinn Mixed Doubles International, defeating Kristin Moen Skaslien/Magnus Nedregotten (Oslo, Norway) 6-5 at Tondiraba Ice Hall in Tallinn, Estonia. Perret/Rios take home the $914CDN first place cheque, while Skaslien/Nedregotten receives $609CDN for their second-place finish.

Perret/Rios opened the scoring stealing 1 in the first end, added another steal in the second end, and then stole another in the third end. Skaslien/Nedregotten scored a single in the fourth end to trail 3-1, after which Perret/Rios responded in the fifth end scoring 2 more. Skaslien/Nedregotten scored 3 in the sixth end, then forced Perret/Rios to a single in the seventh end to give themselves a chance in the final end, but Skaslien/Nedregotten were held to a single in the eighth losing the game to Perret/Rios by a score of 6-5.

In the semifinals, Perret/Rios defeated Daniela Rupp/Kevin Wunderlin (Zug, Switzerland) 9-2 and Skaslien/Nedregotten defeated Anastasia Moskaleva/Alexander Eremin (Moscow, Russia) 5-4. Moskaleva/Eremin. In the quarterfinals, Perret/Rios defeated Zuzana Paulova/Tomas Paul (Prague, CZE) 6-4.

Perret/Rios went 4-1 in the 18 team round-robin pools qualifying round. In their opening game, Perret/Rios defeated Therese Westman/Robin Ahlberg (Stockholm, Sweden) 8-6, then won against Moskaleva/Eremin 9-5, and Iluta Linde/Arnis Veidemanis (Riga, LAT) 9-2. Perret/Rios got their fourth win against Sarah Cai Huijie/Lionel Loh Caihao (Singapore) 11-3, before losing to Eszter Juhasz/Markku Uusipaavalniemi (Hyvinkaa, Finland) 8-4 in their final qualifying round match.