Desjardins/Desjardins wins WCT Austrian Mixed Doubles Cup

Emilie Desjardins/Robert Desjardins (Chicoutimi, Canada) wins the WCT Austrian Mixed Doubles Cup, defeating Gina Aitken/Scott Andrews (Stirling, Scotland) 7-5 in at the Kitzbuehel Curling Club in Kitzbuehel, Austra. Emilie Desjardins and Robert Desjardins take home the $1,202CDN first place cheque along while Aitken/Andrews receives $901CDN.

Aitken/Andrews opened the scoring stealing 1 in the first end, added another steal in the second end. After Desjardins/Desjardins scored 2 in the third end, Aitken/Andrews responded in the fourth end scoring 2 to extend lead to 4-2. Desjardins/Desjardins scored a single in the fifth end, then forced Aitken/Andrews to a single in the sixth end. Desjardins/Desjardins scored 2 in the seventh end, then stole 2 in the eighth end for the 7-5 win.

In the semifinals, Desjardins/Desjardins defeated Daniela Rupp/Kevin Wunderlin (Zug, Switzerland) 9-8 and Aitken/Andrews defeated Malin Wendel/Fabian Wingfors (Goteborg, Sweden) 9-7. Rupp/Wunderlin and Wendel/Wingfors earned $526CDN for their semifinal finishes. In the quarterfinals, Desjardins/Desjardins defeated Anna Fowler/Ben Fowler (London, England) 9-6, Aitken/Andrews defeated Jayne Stirling/Fraser Kingan (Dumfries, Scotland) 6-5, while Rupp/Wunderlin defeated Ildiko Szekeres/Gyorgy Nagy (Budapest, Hungary) 5-3 and Wendel/Wingfors defeated Miia Turto/Jari Turto (Hyvinkaa, Finland) 10-5. Stirling/Kingan, Turto/Turto, Fowler/Fowler and Szekeres/Nagy earned $263CDN for their quarterfinal finishes.

Desjardins/Desjardins went 3-1 in the 16 team round-robin pools qualifying round. In their opening game, Desjardins/Desjardins defeated Turto/Turto 10-2, then won against Eniko Szabo/Balazs Foti (Budapest, Hungary) 13-3, Desjardins/Desjardins won against Fiona Wunderlich/Till Wunderlich (Oberstdorf, Germany) 9-8, going on to lose losing their next game to Aitken/Andrews 7-6 in their final qualifying round match.


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