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World Curling Tour: Komarova/Goryachev win WCT Mixed Doubles Cup Geising
Komarova/Goryachev win WCT Mixed Doubles Cup Geising

Maria Komarova/Daniil Goryachev (Moscow, Russia) wins the WCT Mixed Doubles Cup, defeating Alina Biktimirova/Timur Gadzhikhanov (Moscow, Russia) 6-5 at SCV Geising in Geising, Germay. Komarova/Goryachev take home the $1,940CDN first place cheque , while Biktimirova/Gadzhikhanov receives $1,343CDN for their second place finish.

Starting with hammer, Komarova/Goryachev scored 2 in the first end, then forced Biktimirova/Gadzhikhanov to a single in the second end. After Komarova/Goryachev scored a single in the third end, Biktimirova/Gadzhikhanov responded in the fourth end scoring 3 to take a 4-3 lead. Komarova/Goryachav were held to a single in the fifth end, then stole 2 in the sixth end to take the lead. Biktimirova/Gadzhikhanov were held to a single in the seventh end, leading to Komarova/Goryachev holding on in the eighth end for the 6-5 win.

Sweden's Johanna Heldin/Kristian Lindstroem defeated Julia Franke/Andy Buettner (Geising, Germany) 9-1 in the third place game to join the Russians on the podium. Ildiko Szekeres/Gyorgy Nagy (Budapest, Hungary) defeated Marta Szeliga-Frynia/Pawel Frynia (Lodz, Poland) 7-6 to finish fifth overall.

In the semifinals, Komarova/Goryachev defeated Heldin/Lindstroem 8-4 and Biktimirova/Gadzhikhanov won 7-5 over Franke/Buettner. In the quarterfinals, Komarova/Goryachev defeated Szekeres/Nagy 5-4, Biktimirova/Gadzhikhanov won 11-1 over Zuzanna Rybicka/Bartosz Dzikowski (Lodz, Poland), Heldin/Lindstroem defeated Dorottya Palancsa/Zsolt Kiss (Budapest, Hungary) 7-6 and Franke/Buettner defeated Szeliga-Frynia/Frynia 9-5.


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