Silvana Tirinzoni wins Humpty's Champions Cup

Silvana Tirinzoni (Aarau, Switzerland) wins the Humpty's Champions Cup, defeating Kerri Einarson (Winnipeg, Manitoba) 6-3 at the Merlis Belsher Place in Saskatoon, Canada. Tirinzoni as skip throwing third stones with Alina Paetz throwing the last stones and Esther Neuenschwander and Melanie Barbezat on the front end take home the $40,000CDN first place cheque along with 76.144 world ranking points, while Einarson receives $20,000CDN and 55.839 world ranking points for their second place finish.

Starting with hammer, Tirinzoni scored 1 in the first end, then forced Einarson to a single in the second end. Tirinzoni scored a single in the third end, with Einarson scoring a single in the fourth end to tie the game at 2 at the halfway point. Tirinzoni broke open the game scoring 2 in the fifth end, then forced Einarson to a single in the sixth end. Tirinzoni scored a single in the seventh end, then added a steal in the eighth end for the 6-3 win.

In the semifinals, Tirinzoni defeated Rachel Homan (Ottawa, Ontario) 5-4 and Einarson defeated Team Hasselborg, skipped by Eve Muirhead (Sundbyberg, Sweden) 5-4. Homan and Hasselborg earned $12,000CDN and 43.148 ranking points for their semifinal finishes. In the quarterfinals, Tirinzoni defeated Robyn Silvernagle (North Battleford, Saskatchewan) 4-3, Einarson defeated Alina Kovaleva (Saint-Petersburg, Russia) 8-6, while Homan defeated Jennifer Jones (Winnipeg, Manitoba) 6-3 and Hasselborg defeated Laura Walker (Winnipeg, Manitoba) 8-2. Jones, Silvernagle, Walker and Kovaleva earned $7,000CDN along with 30.458 ranking points for their quarterfinal finishes.

Tirinzoni went 3-1 in the 15 team round-robin pools qualifying round. In their opening game, Tirinzoni defeated Vlada Rumyanceva (Moscow, Russia) 8-5, losing their next game to Casey Scheidegger (Lethbridge, Alberta) 6-3. Tirinzoni responded with a 6-2 win over Kovaleva and then won 7-3 over Einarson in their final qualifying round match.